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  • Requiem For Ronnie: I knew a number of people who served in the Vietnam War. Some of them did not come back alive. This is my story about one of those losses.
  • Innocence Diminished: She was a young adult, just a few short years into her adult life. I watched as she came face to face with some of the darker realites of life..
  • We Hardly Got to Know Him: There are some losses in life that you do not recognize until much latter. This is a story about such a loss.
  • Mickey's Big Hit: We were young kids from a small rural community. It was not often we got to see a major league baseball game live. Litle did we know we were to see a game that would give us a life long memory of one of baseball's greatest.
  • One Late Afternoon in April: It is the Civil Rights era. You are on the campus of Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan. It is Spring Term, 1969. This is a true story.
  • One November Day: There was a day when our lives and our world was changed.