Friday, September 18, 2009

Like an Ill-fitting Shirt

I've been pondering lately how it is some theological constructions or systems are like ill-fitting shirts. You may be able to put such a shirt on, but there is always something about it that doesn't fit that well; a certain amount of discomfort across the chest, or in the armpits, or overly long floppy sleeves that get in the way or to much shirt tail to tuck in or not enough shirt tail to remain tucked in..

I thought I might make a list of some of those "ill-fitting shirts":

Traditional Dispensationalism

Covenant Theology: Yes, both of these systems are ill-fitting.

New Covenant Theology: Doesn't really fit that much better then the other two shirts. Any theological system we construct is going to have it's weaknesses and no theological system, including Reformed theology, is equal to the Gospel Itself. Do we have the Christian humility to recognize and accept that?

Amillianalism I tried wearing this shirt for a number of years, then I figured out where that tightness across the chest was coming from.

Premillinialism: I hold a historic pre-mill position, but am not afraid to admit it doesn't answer all the questions. It does however fit somewhat better then the amill shirt does. To bad some amill folks don't realize their position doesn't answer all the questions either.

Postmillinialism This shirt is one I could never get into at all since one arm sleeve is in the middle of the collar, and the other arm sleeve is in the middle of the lower back.

By now I'm sure I probably stepped on a number of sacred cows. Sorry, but I don't feel your pain nor do I really care at all about your pontifical outrage.

To conclude I will step on a few more toes by saying that each of the theological constructs and systems named above have to some degree or another contributed positively to Evangelical understanding and thought. But with that said, though some of these shirts may be relatively more comfortable then others, none of them are a perfect fit.

~ The Billy Goat ~

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I Can't Help It

I can't help that you have some realities you are not able to face and name. I understand why facing those realities is so difficult when they involve matters very close to your heart.

You don't want me to get close to you. You don't want me to say some of the things I've been conscience bound to say. You say I am being harsh in saying them.

I am sorry you feel that way, but in conscience I have to deny the charge. There is no way to deny the hard reality of what happened nor the complicity of those involved in minimising and hiding that reality to cover their own culpability.

What bothers me is that in denying that reality and facing it squarely, you set yourself up for continuing anger and bitterness. You are not able to really let the past go and move on with the rest of your life. As a result the very ones you are trying to get away from and avoid are still controlling your life.

I'm not going to allow you to put that baggage on me.

I can not help that you will not get counseling and help from a qualified counselor who would be in a position to give you impartial advice and counsel in working through all the crap you had to deal with.

I can't help it, and as a result, I can't help you; not that you would ask for my help anyways. All I can do is pray.

Someday it's going to all blow up. You will see what really happened and where the culpability really is. All hell will break loose. Maybe I'll be there to help. More probably not.

I can't help it, and as things stand now, I can't help you. I can only pray,

"Kyrie Eleison..."

~ The Billy Goat ~