Friday, August 22, 2008

Alfred Hitchcock documentary on the Holocaust
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It was real. It really happened. We must not forget....

Monday, August 18, 2008

Mystic Mountain by Alan Hovhaness

I first heard Mystic Mountain on the radio many, many years ago, but I missed the composers name, and at that time did not have the Internet to help me find it. Earlier this year I came across this particular YouTube video, as well as a number of other works by Hovhaness also on video. The visual part of this video takes you on a ride into the Alps. As nice as that is, for myself it is enough once again to hear that beautiful music that captured my attention so many, many years ago. As a side note, I also found out a younger friend of mine had the privilege in his younger years of studying organ under Dr. Hovhanass.

Solo Deo Gloria!

~ The Billy Goat ~
Saint Paul Cathedral Choir: The Lord Bless You and Keep You

A friend had this posted on his blog. I checked my YouTube account and found I had already picked this as a favorite. Up to now I had not thought to post YouTube vidios here, so this is a trial run of sorts. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and I will be posting more YouTube goodies in the future.


~ The Billy Goat ~
Hickory Dickory Dock Dissected

[This reconstruction is based on a recently found irrelevant manuscript. It is apparent the traditional rendition was based on some scribal glosses found in latter manuscripts.]

Hickory Dickory Dock...
The Moose ran up the clock...
The clock struck one...
The Moose weighed a ton.
No more Hickory Dickory Clock...

~ The Billy Goat ~
Political Parties We Need to See

Looking for some political alternatives? Here are a few suggestions...

The Michigan Free Soil Party: Everyone deserves a little dirt in their lives...

The Whig-Tory Coalition for the Restoration of the Monarchy: But would the Brits really want us back?

The Northern Rust Belt Preservation Alliance: Why should all the good jobs go south?

The Shire National Liberation Party: Frodo and Sam for 2008!

The House Elf-Freedom Front: Hermonie for President!

The Entwash Defense League: It is a dangerous thing to arouse an Ent!

The Muggle Coalition for Equality: Why should the Wizards have all the fun?

International Workers Union Alliance for the Restoration of Pluto to Planet Status: They just should not be picking on the little guy like that!