Wednesday, January 07, 2004

The Australian: Beagle ignores mothership's pleas [January 08, 2004]

"THE Beagle 2 remained ominously silent last night as the European Space Agency (ESA) renewed efforts to contact the tiny probe that landed on Mars on Christmas Day.

Beagle 2 was to have emitted a nine-note ditty penned by Britpop band Blur to announce its safe arrival on the red planet, but scientists have not heard from the probe since it was launched from its mothership, Mars Express.

NASA's Mars Odyssey orbiter and several radio telescopes have so far been unable to obtain a signal from the probe.

But last night, Mars Express came within 315km of the Beagle 2's landing site near the planet's equator, giving ESA its best chance yet to make contact with the lander..."

Our British friends are having trouble finding their Beagle. Those of us who have a Beagle for a pet can tell them exactly what happened. Obviously upon landing on Mars, the Beagle immediately started sniffing around and found a scent trail. Beagle owners everywhere know what that means. That Beagle is on the trial and so totally focused on the scent that said Beagle hears nothing of it's outraged master's command to halt, stop, come back, or etc... A Beagles brain is in its nose, and as Beagle owners also know, Beagles are dogs of very little brain. In spite of that we love them anyhow.

~ The Billy Goat ~

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