Thursday, March 16, 2006

God's Answer To A "Dorky" Prayer:

God has been VERY good to me. And certainly not because I deserve it at all.

It started at the first of the year when there was a situation at work, the kind where your rational part says, "No big deal, this will work out.", while at the same time your irrational side is saying, "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" In the midst of that frustration I said, "Lord, I really need a change...."

Of course the situation was resolved per the rational side, and I thought, "Bill, It was kind of dumb to be so frustrated by that. You need to just suck it up..." With that I thought no more about it...

Until about a month latter, when my boss and I were having our scheduled one on one. He told me there was an area in the department that was in a "world 'o hurt" due to some people leaving for other jobs. The long and the short of it was I am now working in that other part of the department, and for me, the change has been fantastic. The pressures and deadlines are still there, but there is also a lot less tyranny of the urgent.

I look back at that prayer born out of the frustration of the moment, and have to say in spite of how dorky it was, God choose to give a very clear answer... Thank You Lord! Praise be to You alone.

On another note: In the past I had thought of getting a Xanga account just to be able to respond to posts on Xanga sites. I resisted doing that because I really didn't like how Zanga operated.

But... Last week I did it.... Yes, I now have a Xanga page. There are a number of young people that I know that have Xanga pages. I saw a need for being able to give a word of experience and, hopefully, wisdom in response to some of the posts I have came across on their sites. It is an avenue for ministry in some small way. The ~ Billy Goat Blog ~ will remain my main blogging site.

One last note: Pastor Doug has been giving an excellent series of messages on I Corinthians 8-9 dealing with the question of Christian liberty. He is dealing with the subject in a way I do not recall ever seeing done before. The fundamental principle that comes through is the ethic of love that is at the soul of Paul's discussion in that passage.

Will close for now.. Sola Deo Gloria!

~ The Billy Goat ~

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