Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Heart Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Today I had an echo-cardiogram. Not becuse of anything life threatening, but because Doc wanted me to and said I should.

I've had several over the years, and each time I lay there on the table with the wires hooked up to me in several various places, and my eyes scrunched upwards to see the images on the screen.

There it is. My heart... Beating away, pulsating and when the doppler is on you hear the chug-a-chugging. It's absoulutly amazing!

You start doing the simple math. Fifty nine years plus some more months added for when that heart was beating while still in momma's womb.... I suppose someone who wanted to could calculate out the number of pulses this muscle has puulsed over all that time; all I know is it's a whole lot of steady un-ending beats. Of course we know that if the Lord should tarry, the day will come when that muscle called the heart will stop beating.

There is simply no way that this awesome muscle we call the heart came about by random chance over zillions of years. Just no way... What a marvel of God's creative design and power. Solo Deo gloria!!!

~ The Billy Goat ~

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