Sunday, July 20, 2008

Isaiah 40 – The Glory of God

[ Notes from a recent Adult Sunday school class I taught.]

Context: In Isaiah 39 the Prophet has given to Hezekiah the news that in the not to distant future, the Southern kingdom of Judah would be carried away into exile by the Babylonians. The northern kingdom of Isreal has already been conqured and carried away by the Assyrians. In the light of the impending exile, what was to come of the God's promises to Abraham, Issac, and Jacob? What about the promises to King David? What was going to happen to God's covenent people? It is at this point we come to Isaiah 40.

I. The Promise of Comfort and Reconciliation Vs, 1-8

  • A. Content of the Promise

    • - The Comfort of Forgiveness (1 – 2)

    • - The Revelation of the Glory of the LORD (3 – 5)

  • B. The Basis of the Promise – God’s Word Vs. 6-8

    • - The Comparison of Humanity to Grass and Flowers (6-7)

    • - The Comparison of Grass and Flowers to the Word of God (8)

II. The Good News Vs. 9-11

  • A. The Coming of the LORD (9-10)

  • B. His Care for His People (11)

III. The Glory of the God Who Will Accomplish These Things Vs, 12-26 (H. C. Leupold)

  • A. Compared to the World He Created (12-14)

  • B. Compared to the Nations (15-17)

  • C. Compared to Vain Idols (18-20)

  • D. Compared to the Mighty of This Earth (21-24)

  • E. Compared to All Else – Who else could make the stars? (25-27)

Conclusion: The LORD as the Source of All Power Vs. 28-31

  • - He does not grow faint or weary (28)

  • - He sustains His People (29-31)

    “…they who wait for the LORD…” Waiting on the LORD in the OT is a synonym for saving faith. (Leupold)

Application: These promises of God to the believing Jews of Isaiah’s time were based on the surety of His Word, and the surety of their accomplishment rested on His character and being as God. From this, we as His New Covenant people can take great comfort and encouragement in embracing the promises He has made to us.

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