Monday, August 18, 2008

Political Parties We Need to See

Looking for some political alternatives? Here are a few suggestions...

The Michigan Free Soil Party: Everyone deserves a little dirt in their lives...

The Whig-Tory Coalition for the Restoration of the Monarchy: But would the Brits really want us back?

The Northern Rust Belt Preservation Alliance: Why should all the good jobs go south?

The Shire National Liberation Party: Frodo and Sam for 2008!

The House Elf-Freedom Front: Hermonie for President!

The Entwash Defense League: It is a dangerous thing to arouse an Ent!

The Muggle Coalition for Equality: Why should the Wizards have all the fun?

International Workers Union Alliance for the Restoration of Pluto to Planet Status: They just should not be picking on the little guy like that!

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