Saturday, November 08, 2008

Why we need to pray for President-elect Obama

The admonition to pray for Kings and rulers and those in authority was given to a 1st century church living under a Cesar who claimed deity, and killed Christians in the arena. (1 Timothy 2:1-3)

The challenge many Evangelical professing Christians face is to be Christian in an Obama administration. We may not feel like it. We may detest and hate some of his policies, but we are not relived of the obligation to pray for OUR president even as 1st century Christians were obligated to pray not to, but for THEIR Cesar...

I do not agree with Christians that voted for Obama, but the fact that they did does not damn them to hell, or make them any less of a brother in Christ....

God is still sovereign. God still rules the history of this kosmos. Obama's election is from our Sovereign God's hand and as such we better be very careful what we say about it.... The question is not "Why?" The question is "Why not?" Are we so much better then those 1st century Christians? I think not.


~ The Billy Goat ~

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