Monday, December 22, 2008

Feet - Bill, originally uploaded by neukomment.

I'm using Flickr for my photo site. I just found the blog feature on Flickr and am trying it out.

Why the feet? I don't know, but for some vague reason it seemed appropriate. So I will ramble a bit.

I can walk. I know some people who can't. They have to get around in wheelchairs, or they hobble along with a walker or at the minimum, a cane.

Why can I and countless billions of others walk while others can't? It's the impact of the fall and sin upon the created order.

Jesus was once asked why a particular person had been born blind. Jesus in essence responded that this man's blindness was so the glory of God could be demonstrated.

So let's ask the question. Why is it I can walk? Not because I am any better then someone who can not walk. If I can walk, it is so the of the glory of God can be demonstrated. Am I "walking" in a way that brings glory to Him? LORD, help me to do so I pray


~ The Billy Goat ~.

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