Saturday, June 30, 2012

Viewing Politics in Light Of The Christian Gospel

A few questions about how I view politics in light of the Christian Gospel; a self-examination:

1. Are my political views getting in the way of the Gospel? Am I defining the Gospel by my political views? Am I looking for a political "salvation" that obscures Gospel salvation?

2. Do we live in “Israel” or “Babylon”? Are we living in “a city upon a hill” or in a nation that has had some rather glaring inconsistencies between its high ideals and some rather blatant moral scandals in its history? Do I really want to, or should I even dare use Gospel Kingdom language to describe my nation's heritage?

3. Am I judging another person’s Christianity by their political views? Do I love a Christian brother or sister enough to respectfully give them room to disagree with me on particular political issues, and give their spirituality the benefit of the doubt, especially when they demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit in their life?

4. Is the Constitution of my country in its “original intent” or in any other sense, the equivalent of Scripture? Can we as Christians engage our particular political world on the basis of "real-politic"; as it is, in contrast to what we think it should be, and do so in a way that reflects the gospel?

5. Does the way and manner I talk about and discuss my political views reflect Christian humility and basic respect for those who may have an opposing view? Does my conversation reflect the spirit of Christ and demonstrate Christ-likeness? Do I speak in a way that the manner of my speaking adorns the Gospel?

6. Do I dare be so partisan that I take up every view coming out of my political leanings without thoughtful analysis and critical reflection? Am I humble enough to admit that in specific cases or instances, my "party" is wrong and the other "party" is right? Is "being right" more important to me then truth and justice?

7. Can I engage in the political realm of life in a way consistent with loving God with all my heart and soul and might, and loving my neighbor as myself? Dare I do else?

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