Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Recovering from Legalism-Quiz
"You might be a legalist if....

1) You feel you have to meet everyone's expectations and win the approval of your friends and family.

2) You are convinced that all moral and ethical issues are cut and dried -- gray areas are for people who are soft headed and soft hearted.

3) God's love depends on what you do.

4) You think that all of your problems are caused by your sins.

5) You think that you fall short because you didn't have enough faith, because your faith is not strong enough, because you haven't prayed enough, or because you need to be a better person.

6) You are convinced that God is predisposed to be angry with you, and that your main goal in life is to try to keep God happy by doing things that will impress him.

7) Your spiritual life is defined and determined by an authoritative, charismatic leader or by a controlling physical organization, church, or group rather than a personal and direct relationship with God.

8) You tell your children not to do something in church or around church families that you allow in your home.

9) You believe that you are a member of the one true church and that all other Christians are sincere, but sincerely wrong and deceived.

10) You think a person's character can be determined by their clothing, hairstyle, piercings or tattoos.

11) You worry that people might be taking advantage of grace if it's preached "too much"—and then those people might do anything they want.

12) You feel guilty if you didn't attend every service and activity of your church."

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