Saturday, April 17, 2004

You Ain't Jesus, Preacher
Real Live Preacher

"Everyone has identity issues now and again. Maybe you don’t know who you are or don’t like who you think you might be. Maybe you’re a little too close to your mother, or maybe you live vicariously through your children. Maybe you think you’re Clint Eastwood or wish you were Jennifer Lopez.

The point is we all have times when we’re not sure who we are. It’s a human thing.

I HAVE noticed that most people do not think they are Jesus. There’s Jesus Christ, who lived two thousand years ago, and there’s you. My guess is you’re having no trouble keeping this straight in your mind. Am I right?

So why is it ministers have trouble with this? Have you noticed how many ministers think they’re Jesus? How grandiose is that? The minister can’t have normal issues like everyone else, oh no. If the preacher is going to get enmeshed with someone, it's going to be with the Lord Jesus Christ himself.

I’m serious now. We need 12-step program.

“Hi. My name is pastor Pete, and I think I’m Jesus.”

(All together now) “Hi Pastor Pete!”... "

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