Monday, January 03, 2005

Creation Groans

Over 125,00 dead and the numbers will go higher. The face of the earth is changed, and maps will have to be re-written. The whole creation groans waiting for the revealing of the sons of God... (Romans 8). Sin did not just impact mankind, it impacted all creation, and it is all creation that will eventually be redeemed.

We find we are not in control. Things happen that we can do very little about. Yes, I know there should have been a warning system on the Indian rim just as there is on the Pacific rim, but a warning system is just that. A warning system... Earthquakes and tidal waves will still happen... We may be able with a warning system to mitigate the damage they do, but the events themselves are outside our control.

We are not God.... We are creatures... Modernity wanted to make mankind as a collective whole to be "god"... Post-modernity says we are all our own individual "gods"... Our "gods' can not save use... The earth shrugs... Our idols fall to the ground, broken and shattered.... Don't ask where God was in all this... Better you ask where are the "gods" we have been trusting in.... Where are our idols now?

Sola Deo Gloria,

~ The Billy Goat ~

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