Thursday, May 05, 2005

Arctic Barnabas Ministries

Encouraging Missionaries, Pastors, and Christian Workers in the Alaskan Bush, Western Canada, and Far East Russia

"Arctic Barnabas Ministries is an inter-denominational not-for-profit ministry, seeking to meet the needs of the church body in Bush Alaska, Western Canada, and Far East Russia. This is done through the encouraging and discipling of Christian leaders. These leaders - missionaries, pastors and Christian workers - face harsh challenges specific to the part of the world where they serve.

These people face very remote living conditions, isolation, extreme temperatures, and long periods of time with little to no daylight. Adjusting to such an environment is a challenge for anyone.

Arctic Barnabas is a ministry that exists to provide fellowship, respite, a listening ear, and a helping hand - the things needed to enhance the possibilities of long-term service in a place where "short term" just doesn't work. In order for someone from the outside to be effective in a village, it requires living in the area long enough to earn the right to be heard. This can take years. ABM strives to meet the needs of these workers, as well as act as a catalyst among Christians elsewhere to assist in the effort. We need to do what we can to build up and bolster Christian workers so they will be able to have an effective, long-term impact. "

We recently had the opportunity to hear Rob & Kristi Dillingham present the ministry of Arctic Barnabas Ministries. With us were some friends of ours whose daughter and son in-law are involved in ministry in the Alaska Bush, and who have seen first hand the impact and encouragment Arctic Barnabas Ministries has on those Pastors and Missionaries serving in that environment. It is our friends testimony that ABM is serving a very much needed service to those involved in ministry in the Arctic area of the world. Click on the link above for more information.

To God be the glory,

~ The Billy Goat ~

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