Friday, June 17, 2005

Denomination debates declaration of Jesus' divinity

"It's a bedrock belief of Christianity - not a topic for debate.

Until now.

A venerable Protestant denomination - at the behest of some of its conservative members - is preparing to vote next month on a measure declaring that Jesus Christ is the Lord, and making it mandatory for clergy to accept his divinity.

It may seem like a slam dunk, but delegates for the 1.3 million-member United Church of Christ may reject the resolution. Several Bergen County pastors, who aren't delegates to the convention, said they expect the measure to fail." (For complete article, click on link above.)

Is this one last chance for the UCC to turn back to some semblance of Christian orthodoxy? What will happen if this measure is voted down? What will UCC conservatives do next? Leave the UCC? Stay? This is a foundational watershed issue for any church or denomination that would call itself "Christian".

There are evangelical believers and pastors in the UCC. The UCC pastor that conducted my Aunt Florence's funeral a number of years ago was evangelical. I don't know if he is still at that church or even still in the UCC, but in either case we need to pray for those brethren at this time.

Solo Christo,

~ The Billy Goat ~

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