Tuesday, June 14, 2005

So Jacko goes free... Were we really surprised? By the way, contrary to brain-dead popular opinion, "not guilty" is not equal to "innocent". Was he guilty? I don't know. I'm certainly not going to base a judgment like that on the newspaper headlines, and shame on you if you do!

Guilt or innocence is not decided by a newspaper poll. In fact, such kinds of opinion polls regarding the guilt or innocence of any person charged with a crime do not serve the interests of justice, but in truth mitigate against justice.

My sympathy is with the jurors. Almost 30 years ago I did jury duty, and sat on about three different cases, one case involving two defendants... Of the four accused people in those three cases, we acquitted one, convicted one, and deadlocked on two resulting in a hung jury.

Do people who have never served on a jury in a criminal case in a courtroom setting understand what "beyond reasonable doubt" means, and the implications that come from that? Jacko's jury did exactly what they were suppose to do when they consciously decided at the very beginning to see Jacko as a human being deserving a fair and impartial hearing just like any other Joe Blow caught up in the legal system. THAT'S THE WAY IT"S SUPPOSE TO WORK!!! Even if I heartily detest Jacko's lifestyle, as a juror I am required to make a rigorous analysis of the facts related to the case at hand, not the opinions. There is a reason Joe Friday was always saying, "Just the facts madam. Just the facts..."

If I am upset with anyone, it is with prosecutors who pursue cases like Jacko's, and in their handling and preparation, take the intelligence of the jurors for granted. A good jury will always take "beyond a reasonable doubt" very seriously, and they should.

By the way, "beyond a reasonable doubt" has its roots in Judeo-Christian tradition based on the Old Testament admonition to Israel that no one was to be executed for a crime unless there were a minimum of two or more witnesses. There had to be more then just circumstantial evidence to convict of a capital crime.

Is Jacko really guilty? Did OJ really kill his wife? I don't know, but I know someone who does know, and the day will come when we all will stand before Him. There will be no secrets in that day. No one will "get away with it". In that day it will be revealed whatever it was Jacko and OJ have, or have not done.

But what Jacko and OJ did or did not do will not be the question for you or I in that day. For you and I will have to answer individually for what we individually have or have not done. Will you be ready?

Come quickly Lord Jesus!

~ The Billy Goat ~

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