Friday, August 05, 2005

A Hot and Muggy Summer We've got more work out of our air conditioner this summer then in any other summer since we bought it. However the days are getting shorter, and September will soon be upon us.

I'm still having a few slight withdrawel symptoms from not having a computer at home. (I'm sitting in the local public library as I type.)

What do I do with all that freed up time? I'm back to working my way through Robert Thomas' Exegetical Commentary on Revelation. (I'm in Volume II now.) Someday I'll have to post a review of sorts on that work.

I also exercise my brain cells on the crossword puzzles found in the newspaper. And I manage to get to bed at a more "reasonable" hour then I use to.

There is another "project" of sorts that a friend from church has got me into. I'm not free to give details at this point, but it is a matter that needs much prayer, and it is related to Gospel Kingdom activities.

For His glory,

~The Billy Goat ~

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