Monday, August 15, 2005

The Occult and the Principle of Justice In case you have not noticed, we are about to be assaulted by a wave of occult TV shows and movies. It's already happening, and the hype is already starting for the Fall TV line up.

In the several TV movies I've seen, and in the ads for "The Ghost Whisperer", it would seem there are those spirits of the dead who have unfinished business here on earth. They want to leave a last word of love to a grieving loved one they left behind. More often they are seeking justice for the foul murderers that propelled them from life in this world to the world of the dead.

And the mediums thorough whom they seek that reconciliation or justice are just going about their lives, not seeking to be psychics but finding they are and having to come to grips with what they believe they can not change about their connection to the world of the dead. Oh! Did I mention that if organized religion is mentioned at all, it is in a negative light?

I find it odd that such a connection of the occult and the concept of justice exists. Justice is meaningless unless there is an absolute that can give it definition. The Bible speaks of a day of ultimate justice. That justice is dealt out by an all knowing, omnipresent Creator God. As Paul reminds us in Romans, "Justice is mine says the LORD. I will repay." Perfect justice. Final justice. Appropriate justice.

Odd isn't it? Those who would deny the existence or relevance of the God who is the source of justice, still embrace the principle. The problem is that justice shorn from it's foundation will quickly descend into excessive vengeance which becomes not justice, but injustice.

In the only account of an occultic event in the Bible, the seance did not turn out well at all for the person who sought it. Those who play around with the occult know not what fire they are playing with. It is sad that our culture has degenerated to the point where the occult is becoming common accepted TV fare. It is a time for much earnest prayer.

Jesus reigns!

~ The Billy Goat ~

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