Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Multiculturalism is Cultural Marxism

Our friend Paulos has penned a series of posts on the push for "Multiculturism" as it is being advocated in our culture and society. As usual in our Post-modern mentality, the first question is, "What do you mean by multiculturalism?" Paulos has sought to set forth what its advocates mean when they use the term "multiculturalism". He finds the answer in their own writings and statements. It's not a very pretty sight, and the implications for the truths of the Gospel and the life of Christ's church are at the heart of Paulos' concern. Here is the first paragraph from his latest post. For the full article, click the link above.

"The issue at stake is not whether we should welcome diverse peoples among us and embrace them. The issue at stake is not whether but on what principles we should welcome diverse peoples among us and embrace them. No one can possibly oppose the embrace of diverse peoples and at the same time retain a credible confession of being a Christian. Likewise, to advocate any form of preferential policy for a “protected class” warrants rebuke, for such a posture is contrary to a credible Christian profession, for preferentialism is sin (James 2:9). The gospel of Jesus Christ obligates us to love and to embrace all who are Christians despite non-confessional differences, whether racial, social, or sexual. My burden, which previously I have not expressed fully or adequately, concerns the clash of orthodoxies, the conflict of visions, or worldviews in conflict. The clash of orthodoxies takes place in two realms–(1) public institutions including government, public policy, and academic; and (2) private sector institutions including the family, church, and academic."

PS: Before you start picking up stones to cast at Paulos, make sure you read the whole article and note very carefully what he does say and what he does not say. Make sure you don't put words in his mouth that are not there. That would be bearing false witness.

Sola Deo Gloria!

~ The Billy Goat ~

PSS - 02/15/06: Paulos has seen fit to delete the post referenced above. His reasons for doing so may be found here. See comments below for my on take on what has happened.


Anonymous said...

It appears that Paulos no longer even wants to defend this position since he ran from serious discussion and pulled it off his blog........

~ The Billy Goat ~ said...

Slander befits the coward hiding behind tha mask of "anonymous". I've known Paulos a long time and he dosen't shrink from an open and frank discussion that is free from emotional irrational accusations. But neither will he waste his time chasing emotional irrational phantoms such as yourself.

Frankly I pity you... and will have the audacity to pray for you...

Sola Deo Gloria!

~ The Billy Goat ~

Anonymous said...
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Paulos said...

Amen, Billy Goat! You, in fact, do know me. I have never run away from any open and frank discussion with worthy opponents.

It is quite impossible to have a conversation about an idea when those who claim to be defending the opposing view never actually talk about the idea but simply throw verbal stones, mud, sticks, and bombs.

I do not engage verbal terrorists in conversation because they are not interested in learning anything or in adjusting their beliefs. They are interested only in correcting people who do not agree with their irrational view of the world and of life.