Saturday, May 12, 2007

Notes on II Timothy 2:19b

1. The seal on the foundation

A verb form of this word is used to describe the sealing of the tomb of Jesus. Matthew 27:66

This same word is used in reference to the 7 seals in the book of Revelation.

2. The twofold inscription on this seal

A framework for understanding the two fold inscription.

God → (Mystery) ← Man

The first part of the inscription: God intimate knowing His people.

The OT background: Genesis 4: 1, 17, 25 (See also I Peter 3:7)
The word “know” describes the marriage union.

The NT References:

Matthew 7:22-23, John 10:14, 27, (See also Romans 8:29)

The second part of the inscription: The response or responsibility of God’s people.

They call on His name. Romans 10:13, Matthew 28:19

They depart from unrighteousness.

Depart – The aorist form of the verb used here is “apostato” i.e.: “apostate”. Hebrews 3:12

Unrighteousness - The alpha privative is prefixed to a word to negate it. “a-righteousness”.

How do we “apostate from a-righteousness”?

Titus 2:11 – Focus on God’s grace. “The grace of God has appeared…. teaching us that… we should live… righteously..”

I John 1:9 – Appropriate that grace in our lives. “..He is faithful… to cleanse us from all “a-rightousness”…”

These are my notes from a recent SS lesson I taught when filling in for the regular teacher. Our SS class is going through II Timothy.

~ The Billy Goat ~

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