Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Servant Leadership: An Excerpt from a Note to a Friend

"I have had occasion again to ponder the matter of servant leadership, and can only sadly conclude there is to little of it in this world...

We had occasion this past month to see servant leadership in action at WCBC. For some time the church has been looking at expanding and building some more much needed space..... We were asked to carefully consider giving a pledge to the project. Pledges were anonymous, you indicated what you thought you may be able to give, but no names anywhere on the cards turned in.

As it was, the amount pledged was inadequate for the building under consideration. There was no "exhortation" to "give more" and etc.. as is all to familiar in to many churches in this situation. Pastor very gently and quietly explained what the pledge results were, and the leadership took that voice of the congregation as God's way of telling the church they needed to reconsider the plan. The leadership clearly respected the voice of the congregation and did not try to lord if over us to keep the original plan going... We were asked to fill out another anonymous survey to give some indication of the factors affecting how much we had pledged. The leadership acknowledged Michigan's economy is headed for the tank, and other reasons for the low response were not a matter of "right" or "wrong"......

You probably have some idea what it is like after the church we came out of, to go to a church where the leadership has consistently demonstrated respect for the congregation, and how easy that makes it for the people to respect the leadership in return...."

Jesus reigns!

~ The Billy Goat ~

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