Saturday, October 20, 2007

My Cousin Mary

My cousin Mary is about 4 or so years older then me. Her mother, Aunt Florence, was my father's sister. This week I found out Mary's health is not very good. Here is a quote from her CaringBridge site:

"In November of 2004 Mary was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, but after a rapid decline she was rediagnosed in May of 2006 with Lewy Body Dementia. This is a degenerative brain disorder that shares characteristics of both Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Its cause is unknown, and there is no cure. Symptoms include depression, tremors, shuffling, anxiety and memory loss."

And here is a further quote from her CaringBridge jpurnel dated Oct. 1, 2007:

"At the present time Mary is at about a two year old level. She is seldom able to speak so that we can understand her. That is often frustrating to her because she knows what she wants but is unable to communicate it to us. Things Mary enjoys include golf car rides around the neighborhood visiting friends, going out to eat, and her favorite is going to church on Sundays and going to choir practice. She is unable to sing but still enjoys being around the music and friends. One of my saddest memories was one Sunday as we were leaving church, I noticed she had tears running down her cheeks. I asked what was wrong and she replied," I can't sing anymore". That was hard on me as well as her. The most valuable lesson that I have learned through this is how good people really are. Our family, our friends, and even people we do not know have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Our church family has been incredible. Mary is proof of the concept, "what goes around comes around" She has helped a lot of people through the years and now it is being returned. Thanks to all of you."

What is hard about this is that I remember Mary as being healthy and energetic. I remember how we use to go to their home when they lived out in the country, and some of the games we played, and stories we acted out. I remember when we went to Mary and Bob's wedding so many years ago. I look at the photo's on the CaringBridge site and am shocked at the change in her appearance. The other thing is, in the face of the Mary I see in those photo's, I see a great resemblence to my Aunt Florence, who though gone for a number of years, I still miss...

Time is marching on. We get to a point in life where we eventually have to come face to face with our mortality, and the fact our years are rapidly growing shorter... I personally thank God for the hope we have in our Lord Jesuis Christ...

Come quickly Lord Jesus.....

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