Thursday, November 01, 2007

Of This and That...

In this first article Collin Hansen of Christianity Today looks at trends in the Fundantalist camp.

The Crisis of Modern Fundamentalism Collin Hansen, 10/26/2007, Christianity Today

Fundamentalism is still with us, though you won't hear many evangelicals talk about it. Not so with the fundamentalists, who worry about a growing number within their ranks who have wandered toward evangelicalism. A 2005 survey released on the popular fundamentalist blog SharperIron "revealed that many in the newest generation of fundamentalist leadership were still committed to fundamentalist theology but uncomfortable with some of the more extreme positions on secondary separation, association, worship music, extra-biblical standards, and other issues."

In this next article from Touchstone Magazine, six Evangelical leaders give an assesment of the Evangelical movement. Evangelicalism Today - A Symposium: Six Evangelicals Assess Their Movement.

Back in February, 2006, A.B. Caneday published on his BIBLIA THEOLOGICA blog an article titled, Twenty-One Theses on Paul & the Law. Recently Dr. Caneday in his own words "...did some clean-up work on the theses, revised some statements, clarified a number of things, and expanded the number to 22 theses by splitting one." So now there are Twenty-Two Theses on Paul & the Law." .

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