Friday, March 12, 2010

The Christian and Scripture

I just came across Bob Kelleman's blog at RPM Ministries. He is in the midst of a current series of posts dealing with Brian McLaren's A New Kind of Christianity. It is not my intent to do another McLaren post, but rather to post here some quotes from Dr. Kelleman's blog writings.

"Unfortunately, in some Evangelical circles, we’ve done great work in exegeting and studying Scripture, but we’ve done lesser work in understanding people and culture. So we end up answering questions no one is asking. We end up listening to God’s story but ignoring or only half listening to the human story of suffering, sin, struggle, and sanctification. We end up giving people Scripture but not our souls, truth apart from relationship, content apart from community."

"...It’s not enough to believe in the sufficiency of Scripture if we do not equally believe in the relevancy of Scripture. It’s not enough to believe in the authority of Scripture, if we do not equally believe in the profundity of Scripture."

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