Friday, March 12, 2010

"No One Else"

I look for you in the middle of the night
Savior and guardian of my soul
From highest heaven You hear my call
And in my trouble You comfort and hold me
I long for You when I cannot hear Your voice
And my heart is dry as the dust
Oh Lord, be near me if I should fall
And show me how to believe and to trust
You alone

There is no one else beside you
In the darkest night
In the wilderness
There is no one else beside you
At Your feet I cry
In Your arms I rest

I hope in You and Your promise to return
With angels and dark clouds of thunder
When death and evil and sorrow flee away
And all creation will bow and proclaim
You alone

There is no one else beside You
You will fill the sky
When You come again
There is no one else beside You
Heaven's only light
Burning without end

Fernando Ortega

It was about ten years ago. I was driving down the road and in a fit of frustration turned the radio dial to one of the local Christian radio stations. This song was playing. It was a time when we were in the midst of dealing with some very serious matters at the church we were then attending. It was in the midst of all the questioning, seeking, frustration, and burden of that situation, this song came into my life.

As I listened, I was practically in tears. Whatever happened, there would always be hope; hope in God and His promises alone. In the end He alone was all that mattered; no one else and nothing else but Him alone... "No One Else.."

~ The Billy Goat ~

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