Sunday, March 28, 2010

Of This and That

March Madness: So I didn't think Michigan State would get past the Sweet Sixteen, and as of today they are headed to the Final Four. I don't mind being proven wrong. Will the Spartans take it all? I'm a little pessimistic, but really would not mind being proven wrong again. I just realized it was 39 years ago come May when I graduated from MSU. How the years have flown by.

On Visiting Texas: Last week we were in Texas to see family. It was cold when we got into Austin, but warmed up enough to really enjoy it. The bluebonnets were on the verge of blooming, but it was the day we started home that they really blossomed. We did get some of those famous Round Rock donuts. The highlight of the trip was when my 95 year old mother-in law was with us on the back porch and out of the blue she starts praising Jesus and thanking Him. She forgets a lot of things, but she has not forgot her Lord Jesus.

Fahrenheit 451: Just finished reading the book. I saw the movie many years ago. The book is much better then the movie. What you also see in the book is that it is a "prophecy" of what will come from a "political correctness" mentality. That's not just my opinion. The author, Ray Bradbury, comes right out and says so in an interview in the back of the edition I read.

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