Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Call me "Post-Reformed"

I found some what of a kindred spirit in Tim Etherington who recently declared in his blog, By Farther Steps that he is determined to be "Post-Reformed". Before you haul him out to be burned at the stake, you may want to read the whole article. Here is an excerpt. ~ The Billy Goat ~

"The current philosophy is called "Post-Modern" which means we're longer under Modernity (reason can solve it all) but we don't know exactly where we're going yet. There is the "Emergent Church" which is, in some ways, post-evangelical. They're not evangelical but they aren't sure what they are. Welp, I've determined that I am now "Post-Reformed."

I love Reformed theology, the view is better from here. It is a theology that gives God the most glory and invites the redeemed to draw near with delight. It is the most biblical theology I have seen yet. I just love Reformed theology. What I'm not crazy about is the attitude that all too often accompanies this most holy theology. Calvinist take a maximal view of God's grace and yet many of them show precious little of it to those who formulate it differently. Covenant Theologians take a big view of God's covenant community yet many of them act is if it is really only those who hold to their particular confession and probably only those in their group who actually interpret it correctly..." > The rest of Tim's blog post can be found here.

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