Monday, October 04, 2004

The Lord of All The Stars Who is Sara's Lord

She was just a young teen at the time. She was in town visiting her Aunt Ruthy and Uncle Bob who are good friends of ours. We had gone out together someplace or another, probably the Grand Haven Pier, or a Lake Michigan beach. In any event, on our way back home we stopped at Russ's Restaurant for a "little something".

When we came out of the restaurant, it was dark. We were in the parking lot getting ready to say goodbye before we went our separate ways home. It was then I looked up at the sky. We were in area of the parking lot somewhat shaded from the bright street lights and all the other lights that make metropolitan areas glow in the dark. The sky was clear that night and I could see the stars. I don't remember the exact conversation, but it went something like this.

I looked towards the northern sky and said aloud, "There is the Big Dipper."

"Oh really!" Sara responded, "Where?"

I pointed up into the sky where the handle and the sides of the Dipper could be seen. She looked and then recognition came.

"I've heard of the Big Dipper, but have never seen it before." she said. "That's pretty neat!"

It was a little hard for me to imagine going into your teen years without seeing the Big Dipper in the night sky, but then I grew up on a rural farm where the night sky was a familiar companion not shrouded by the man made lights of the our urban areas. Sara had spent most of her life in a large metropolitan area, so in retrospect it was not so surprising. And so it was that I inadvertently added a small moment to Sara's life experience.

It was some years latter I began to grasp the fuller meaning of God's sovereign lordship over specific areas of creation. He is Lord of all, therefore He is Lord of the stars. He orders their dance, and calls them all by name.

Sara is now grown, married, and a mother. He, who being Lord of all is Lord of the stars, is also Sara's Lord. Perhaps there will come a time when she will be out on a crisp clear night with her children. She will look up to the stars, and point out the Big Dipper to her children. And she will tell them again, as she has done so many times, about the One who being Lord of all, is Lord of the stars and Lord of the night sky and Her Lord and God. And in that witness, may the Lord of the stars who is her Lord, become her children's Lord also.

~ The Billy Goat ~

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