Saturday, October 02, 2004

The Context and Content of a Concept

This past Wednesday was my turn at teaching the men's Bible study. The topic was "Men at Church Grasp Grace." In my preparation it became clear that grace as a concept has no real meaning unless there is a context and content to the concept.

What do we mean by "grace"? In what context are we to understand that meaning? The same questions could be asked of the concept of "faith" or "revelation" or a whole host of theological terms.

And in this Post-modern age, those are no small questions. In case you have not heard the news, Post-modernity seeks to make everything relative, especially meaning. That's why you can have a President who asks you what "is" is.

So I found it necessary to spend time with the men discussing the meaning and context of the concept of grace. The context of course is the Bible and the progress of redemptive history coming to fruition in the New Testament. The content comes from the Gospel of He who in John 1 is described as the personification of "grace and truth".

Context and content. That's what makes a concept meaningful. It is in that light that grace becomes


In His joy,

~ The Billy Goat ~

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