Saturday, October 16, 2004

This Hope

Last night we had the joy and privilege of hearing the Christian vocal group This Hope at our church's 90th Anniversary celebration.

This group does a variety of Christian acappella vocals as well as songs with instrumental backup. The acappella numbers are on par with more well known acappella groups such as Glad. Tight harmonies, underscored by an excellent "air bass" done by Tim Inabnit, make for a very enjoyable and worshipful listening experience. Speaking of Tim's "air bass", in one number he did a very excellent "air trombone" with slides and all. You had to see it to appreciate it.

Their music is done in popular Christian style, and based on sound Evangelical theology. Parts of traditional hymns are mixed with original compositions to highlight the grace of God and His awesomeness. If you have a chance to hear them, or to pick up one of their CD's, I highly recommend you give their music a hearing.

More information can be found at their www site: This Hope.

~ The Billy Goat ~

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