Wednesday, November 24, 2004

An Anniversary of Sorts

You may notice the archives for this blog are now grouped by the month instead of the week. In doing that reformatting, I realized ~ The Billy Goat Blog ~ is now one year old. Has it been that long already? Time does fly by.

Of all the internet publishing I've done over the past ten years, blogging has been the most enjoyable. It's interesting to click on the site meter and see if anyone is actually looking at these pages. Along the way I've been delighted to run into some kindred spirits of sorts. A very few of you have even left comments on a few of the articles.. Thank you!

If the Lord tarries, and so wills, we'll see what another year will bring. I believe that blogging will continue, though it was also keep changing, especially on the tech side.

Did you hear the one about Dan Rather getting "blogged" down on his way to the presidential election? (Ouch!) Better close for now...

~ The Billy Goat ~

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