Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Secular Apocalyptic

A mega-earthquake hits the American west coast resulting in a major portion of California spliting off to become a large island. Mega-death and destruction.

An mega-asteroid comes perilously close to earth and the mega-gravitational effect sends a mega-tidal wave that floods the Ohio River basin. Mega-death and destruction.

A mega-hurricane from the Gulf of Mexico comes hurling north across the United States to collide with a mega-Arctic storm from the north at a point on the southern shore of Lake Michigan where Chicago happens to be located, and just as a computer hacker brings down the Chicago power grid. Mega-death and destruction.

A mega-freak weather pattern brings a sudden and unexpected ice age. More mega-death and destruction.

Scenes from the Left Behind series?

No... These are all scenes from secular Hollywood that have appeared in the past year as made for TV movies, or theater release. And the troubling aspect is they are fun to watch... You know nobody is REALLY getting killed, and it's not REAL buildings falling down... Aren't those special effects just so neat? WOW!

Why is that I get the feeling that the same people who made these secular apocalyptics would have hissy snit if Mel Gibson made a movie based on the Biblical book of Revelation?

The answer of course has to do with the world view such a movie would be based on... A loving God would actually bring judgment on the earth? That assumes there is a God who takes an active personal interest in the world He created, and that He holds mankind morally accountable... And that He will hold me individually personally accountable! Didn't that view of life become defunct with the death of Modernism? After all, the father of Post-modernism told us God was dead...

By the way, I'm not a fan of the Left Behind series, nor do I wish to see even a devout Christian try to make a movie based on Revelation. Biblical prophecy is to serious a matter to be left to our finite and sin impacted imagination.

But why the secular apocalyptic? Is it because even post-modern man still has a semblance of conscience and right and wrong? How can big business corporate executives who are screwing up the environment for filthy lucre be "evil" in a post-modern world? For you see in the secular apocalyptic there is usually the villain corporate executive, or some kind of villain even if the villain is mankind itself... Hummmm.... Yes, there is usually some kind of "social message" in these secular apocalyptics...

Though I have little use for a lot of popular Christian apocalpticism, I do believe there will be a judgment, and as part of that judgment a great tribulation. It's not going to be a fun time... Now please don't start asking me if I'm pre-, mid-, or post-trib... That's not the point... The point is that even the secular mind, alienated from God and His Word, to some degree or another has a sense of apocalyptic judgment... The remnents of a conscience that can not totally deny its Creator, but suppresses that truth in unrighteousness... (Romans 1:16-25) Sola Deo Gloria!

~ The Billy Goat ~

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