Tuesday, November 30, 2004

DVD review: Luther
by Gene Edward Veith (World Magazine)

"The movie Luther, which saw limited release last year and was a surprise hit in secularized Germany, is out on video and DVD.

Most notable in this vivid re-creation of Reformation history is the high-powered cast. Joseph Fiennes makes a fine young Luther, and Peter Ustinov, in his final role before his death, steals his scenes as the thoughtful, wily head of Saxony, Frederick the Wise, who becomes Luther's protector against the pope and emperor.

The film was shot on some actual historical locations, and for the most part is historically accurate. Luther's disillusioning trip to Rome, the financial scheme that led to the indulgence sale, Cardinal Cajetan's attempt to silence Luther, Carlstadt's change from being his scholastic theology professor to being a follower to being an enemy from the other extreme, the peasant rebellion—it is all there. The movie ends with the princes' confession of faith before the emperor at Augsburg. Luther had once stood alone before..." (Complete review found here.)

I had the privilage of seeing Luther, when it was shown in our area. I've been eagerly waiting for the DVD release. I highly recommend this movie. Peter Ustinov as Frederick the Wise was espicially outstanding... See Veith's full review for his assesment of the accuracy of the historical content. This DVD is on my Christmas Wish List....

Semper Reformanda,

~ The Billy Goat ~

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