Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Reality. Issue 20: Postmodernity
by Jeff Fountain (Reality Magazine)

"Like a slow-moving weather front gradually blanketing the horizon, a radical shift in the way young people view reality is bringing permanent change to the world's spiritual climate. The global forecast is both threatening and promising.

Postmodernity, as this mood-change is becoming known, is not a rational, consistent, philosophy. It is not a cohesive, logical mindset. It is a soup of contradictory ideas. Yet it is as radical a change as that triggered by the Enlightenment, when 'Pre-modern' thought gave way to the 'Modern' view of life.

This climate-shift is bringing major change to our daily lives. And it carries major challenges (and opportunities) concerning the way we present and demonstrate the Gospel today and tomorrow. Our evangelistic methods and approaches developed for the 'Modern' world will be irrelevant for a 'Postmodern' generation. Our local church life also needs total evaluation in the light of these changes..." (Complete article found here.)

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