Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Beginnings of a Post-Reformed Manifesto

Tim Etherington is continuing to develope his thoughts on what it means to be "Post-Reformed". In this latest cogitation he begins to look at the Reformation "Sola"'s. Here is an excerpt. ~ The Billy Goat ~

"The Post-Reformed understanding of semper reformanda is that we must consistently check our understanding against scripture and be willing to adjust when and where necessary. The Reformation didn't end in the 1600s and the Westminster Confession is not inerrant and infallible. This necessarily requires that we continue dialoging with various theological positions within orthodoxy. It does not mean that we can suspend the solas in order to accomplish that. We must discuss our theology from the Scriptures, in faith, with grace, in a Christian manner, and to God's glory (not our own)...." (Complete article found here.)

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