Thursday, November 11, 2004

Radiator Venison

In Michigan the deer bow hunting season started about a month ago. Now this coming Monday gun season will start. The opening day of gun season for deer has been called the "Michigan National Holiday". I am not a hunter, but I am not at all against hunting or hunters. I am against poachers though, but I'll save that rant for another time.

The only deer I ever got was with a 71 Maverick. So I tell my deer hunting friends I'd rather they kill a deer with their bow or gun so I don't end up killing one with my Olds or Transport.

That's no small issue when we live in a county that has the highest number of car/deer accidents of all the counties in Michigan. Unfortunately we see the vulture cuisine along our road sides all to frequently. It's not pretty unless your a buzzard. You quickly learn not to go speeding down the country roads at night. If your doing over 50 MPH, you will not have a chance.

I sometimes question if our DNR has any real idea at all how large the deer herd in Michigan is. Over the past few years the number of permits have been expanded, and one hunter through a combination of permits can end up with several deer in his/her freezer.

We almost snagged some "radiator venison" on the way to church Sunday evening. The main road we take to church runs along a portion of the Grand River, and along the hills that define the Grand River Valley; lots of wooded areas along with open fields. It was at dusk, and I had the headlights on low-beam. Coming over a slight rise, I saw three deer running across the road about 100 feet ahead of me. I stepped on the brakes, and the three deer bounded into the ditch. It was then the fourth deer decided to cross the road. If I had not already braked, it would have been splat! Radiator venison... No thank you... I'll pass... I like my van without the front crumpled in...

We are told in the Bible that it was through man's sin that death came into the creation. Romans 8 speaks of the whole creation groaning as it waits for the consummation that will bring in the restoration of creation to what it was to originally be and more; that new heavens and new earth in which will dwell righteousness, and the deer and the radiator will meet no more (Revelation 21-22).

~ The Billy Goat ~

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