Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Of The 1st Snow, and Snow Storms

We usually get our first snowfall in November. A few flakes will come down, just enough to put a little cover on the ground, then it usually quickly melts away. This year November has really been pretty mild for our part of the country. That is until today.

We started seeing the flakes early this afternoon. Ah.. First snow! We knew it was coming eventually. But then it kept coming... And coming... And coming... All seven to ten inches worth...

This was no light dusting like first snows usually are. Local radio reported cars in the ditches all over the place. Traffic slowed to a crawl and during rush hour was bumper to bumper. A usual 10 minute trip took an hour. And here on Thanksgiving Eve, church was canceled. And did I mention the travelers stranded at the local airport as flights were delayed or cancelled?

On the way home from work I gassed up the car, bought a couple cans of dry gas, and stopped at the hardware store for sidewalk salt. At home the snowblower traded places with the lawn mower. Tomorrow, on Thanksgiving morning, I get to fire up the snowblower and clear the driveway. So it is that we not only got our first snow of the year, but also our first major snow storm.

I intend to see about taking some digital shots of the snow tomorrow, and may post a picture or two for the enjoyment of those of you from more wimpy climates... :)

Praise be to Him, who being Lord of all, is Lord of the snowflake.

In His joy,

~ The Billy Goat ~

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