Friday, November 05, 2004

Is the Vietnam War Finally "Over"?

05 November 2004, Federalist Patriot No. 04-44/45, Friday Digest

"The Vietnam War is finally over ... and we finally won. The Patriot is convinced that the one demographic completely overlooked in this election was the Vietnam-Era veterans.

Those millions of unsung heroes and faithful servants finally had their say last night. We finally put a stake through the heart of the cowards, the liberals, the leftists, and the Hollywood and major media co-conspirators who sold this nation a sack of lies about the Vietnam War and its veterans. So emboldened were the Democrats that they had the audacity to put a willing enemy collaborator on the ticket to oppose President Bush. Well, they had their chance, and the American people sent them a loud and clear message on 2 November 2004, a day we now propose as Vietnam War Victory Day! (How 'bout a Bury the '60's Day, too?)

Their lies about unparalleled U.S. atrocities, war crimes, and defeat on the battle field were finally put to the electorate last night. Just as in their war, our Vietnam Era veterans once again put nearly everything on the line to save our country and to keep the light of truth alive. The Swiftees, the SOG vets, and the producers and authors of books like Stolen Valor and Stolen Honor -- none of them would be silenced. We don't know of any exit polls that can validate this belief, but we know that those untold millions of veterans overwhelmingly sent a message to Lt. Kerry and company. No more lies, no more phony apologies, no more pandering to the UN and the world's socialist elite. We wouldn't let you steal the only thing that many of us have left, our honor and the truth.

The Patriot salutes all those veterans and thanks them for securing yet another victory for America."

There is a lot in the above I agree and sympathise with. And it may indeed be true that the Vietnam War will no longer factor into a Presidential election like it did in 2004. But is it really over? I'm not so sure. I did not serve in the military and am not a veteran. But I suspect the Vietnam War will never "really" be over until the last surviving Vietnam veteran lays down his or her head in the Bivouac of the Dead... Rest in peace Ronnie...

~ The Billy Goat ~

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